Thursday, June 20, 2013

And We're Back

Yes, it's been a terribly long delay in blog-land, but I barely manage to shower, fully dress myself and check e-mail on some days, so blogging (along with things like reading, checking up on Facebook, putting on make up or blow-drying my hair) have lately taken a back seat.
And yet, things are going really well. With all of the changes that have come around over the last five months, I'd say that although we're far from being experts, Elizabeth and I are starting to get the hang of this parenting gig. We're trusting our instincts a little more, and worrying a little less. We're enjoying the fun and the funny and the sweet moments, and learning to breathe deeply and occasionally even find the humor in the not-so-sweet moments.
The older Cupcake just celebrated her second birthday this past week. She's officially in the terrible twos, although we're pretty confident that she's a gifted child and actually began that stage when she was still one. As our friend Liz put it, there's nothing terrible about The Cupcake at all, she's all heart and passion. It's just unfortunate that our agendas don't always match. However, I will say that as stubborn and headstrong as she can be, The Cupcake is also a sweetly affectionate child with a bright and cheerful personality.
The Cupcake 2.0 is almost five months old. I really can't believe that. When I look at photos of her when we first got her, it's like two different babies. She still has the mop of dark hair, but now she's holding up her own head, smiling and giggling, and kicking her feet like crazy. I'm enjoying the last few months of having only one mobile child, and that might be stretching it, seeing as how Cupcake 2.0 can already manage to scoot herself around on her back while on her play mat.
So other than general exhaustion, which has become kind of the run-of-the-mill everyday around here, there are a few things I've noticed that we've started doing now that we've become parents. These things randomly include:
1. We bought a minivan. I've never been one of those people who swore they'd never ever get a van, because, quite frankly, I'm really not that cool and don't care too much about cars. But there was something a little eyeroll-inducing about the two of us going out and getting a giant entertainment system on wheels. Our sister-in-law, Felicia, has threatened to move in to the backseat, since it has just about everything she needs in life. All that being said, the minivan is pretty awesome.
2. We now choose restaurants based on the speed of the food appearing on the table and the noise level within. If it's fast and loud, we're in. This is pretty much the inverse of how we chose restaurants in our previous life. Dining in restaurants, from the time the children leave the carseats until they are buckled in again, takes roughly 30 minutes. I faintly remember a time when we'd linger over a second glass of wine, or maybe share a dessert with some coffee. The thought of doing this now makes me want to laugh hysterically. Or freeze with fear.
3. Which leads me to my next observation which is that both Elizabeth and I have lost weight. This, I'll admit, is a nice side benefit. Although something good has to come from the fact that mealtimes last for about five minutes, our activity level has shot up exponentially, and that a small person with supersonic hearing lives in our house who has the ability to hear a potato chip bag being opened from three doors down.
4. We say the weirdest things now. I never thought that "bottom in the seat!" would become my new catchphrase. Other gems include "use your words," "what do you say??" "say thank you, say THANK YOU!" or "finger out of your nose!" Sentence structure has become very simple around here. And most sentences are of the imperative variety.
5. I put ice in my coffee now in the mornings. I do this because it then enables me to drink my coffee immediately and quickly. I noticed that I was doing this and it dawned on my that my dad does this, too. Nothing relevant, just an interesting observation.
6. My conversational skills are kind of falling apart. I'm a horrible listener since I'm usually on the lookout for a wayward two-year-old who is using the opportunity of her mommy's involvement with another adult to try and navigate the basement steps, climb up on the bed and use it as a trampoline, open the refrigerator and empty its contents, or find the nearest writing utensil (preferably one with permanent ink) and begin drawing on the walls or furniture. Also, I can remember nothing. Chances are, if I start to tell you something, I'll forget halfway through, anyway. My sister swears that this is called mommy brain, because she has it, too. We've both gotten into the habit of randomly shouting out things that pop into our brain the moment the thought occurs, because the thought will be lost in the next ten seconds. Which means that anymore, our conversations go something like this:
Me: "so I was thinking we could get together the weekend of the 8th --"
Me: "huh?"
Sarah: I'll forget again if I don't tell you. I want to borrow your baby food cookbook.
Me: "Oh, of course! In fact, let me write myself ... MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!!!:
Sarah: "what?"
Me: Sorry, we were supposed to decide what to get mom for mother's day.
Sarah: "right! Maybe we could get PHOTOGRAPHER'S PHONE NUMBER!!!"
Well, you get the gist. It's like some form of insipid Tourette's Syndrome for women with small children.
This is an incredibly random list of observances of the past few months, and I promise that I'll try to sharpen my writing skills somewhat and become more organized soon. The baby is down for a nap right now, which makes me giddy with possibilities. I might actually be able to shower, which is quite exciting.
Until next time!


  1. Ha! (Explosive laughter!) You sound like new moms!! You made me laugh (explosively)! You have beautiful, beautiful children! I am so happy for you.

  2. You have two beautiful children with THE BEST MOMS!!!!